Energy Savings

When you or your employees are warm and comfortable you know that productivity goes up and you realize some cost savings.  However, this is extremely subjective and hard to quantify.

But…  replace a space heater with a Maestro Conductive Heating product and the hard numbers tell the story.

Maestro provides savings in four ways:

1. Direct cost - a 1500-watt heater uses 1.48 KW/hrs in a 68°F room. Maestro uses only .045 KW/hrs.  At 10¢ per kilowatt this amounts to $1.15 in savings per business day or just under $290 per year.

2.  Reduction of HVAC costs - one 1500-watt heater produces 5,118 BTU’s. These unwanted BTU’s add to the cost of cooling an office space. –* (see the example that follows for the effects on cooling costs of these additional BTU’s.)

3. Seven-day timer - Maestro’s custom User Interface on the user’s personal computer allows the heater to be programmed to turn on/off twice per day – heating only when needed.

4. Automatic shutoff -  Since Maestro is controlled from the user’s personal computer,  anytime the computer goes to ‘sleep’ or standby mode the heater shuts off.  No more leaving for the evening or weekend wondering if all the space heaters were turned off.  (And, no more worries about the fire hazard associated with space heaters!)

*example of cooling cost:

Let’s start with a 12,000 square foot office.  Typical cooling load for an office is 25 BTU’s per square foot or 300,000 BTU’s

Let’s add 20 employees at 8,000 BTU’s.  Next, add an employee kitchen at 4,000 BTU’s.

Let’s assume we have 50 windows at 1,000 BTU’s each for 50,000 BTU’s.

So far we have a total of 362,000 BTU’s.  We have full sunshine today so we add another 1% or 3,620 BTU’s.

Our grand total equals – 365,620 BTU’s for our typical office.

Air conditioning units are rated by calculating the number of “tons” of air required to cool a space.  One “ton” equals approximately 12,000 BTU’s. So to cool our typical office would require a 30-ton unit (365,620 ÷ 12,000).  Now the bottom line – A/C units consume 1.335 KW/hr/ton  so a 30-ton unit would consume 40.05 KW/hr or about $4.07 per hour.

To continue our scenario – seven employees find that the A/C actually is too cold, so they elect to add space heaters under their desk.
This calculates out to an additional 35,826 BTU’s (1 watt = 3.412BTU x 1500watts x 7 heaters).  That’s nearly 3 tons of additional cooling  load or an additional $.40 per hour.

Now, add this cost to the cost of operating these heaters ($1.06) this amounts to an additional $1.46 per hour – a 26.6% increase in costs!

If those same seven employees chose Maestro Conductive heaters instead, the additional BTU’s would only be 2,340 BTU’s (1 watt =3.412BTU x 98watts x 7 heaters).  This amounts to only two-tenths (.2) of a ton of cooling or an additional $.03 per hour.

Add this to the cost of operating them ($.03) for a total of only $.06 per hour – a 1.5% incease in costs.

For each space-heater that is replaced by a Maestro you may realize a savings of $400 per year!