About Us

Hi, I’m Truman O’Brien. I’d like to introduce you to the Maestro Conductive Heat Products team.
I was raised the son of a farmer and rancher – first on a cotton farm in West Texas and later on cattle ranches in Eastern Montana. My father, a very self-reliant man, was by necessity an innovator and inventor. We would often need to fabricate a tool or other device since there would be none available. I learned to fly at sixteen and following my love of flying, I eventually had a thirty year career as a commercial pilot, the last twenty-five years as a pilot for a major airline.

Upon retirement, I still had a lot of enthusiasm and a little money saved up. That’s when I had the good fortune to get to know a kindred spirit.

When you first meet Aaron Hayes you get the distinct impression he was one of those kids who would be out in a thunderstorm flying a kite with a key attached to the string, and if you asked him why he would likely reply “how else would I know if this really works”. As the conversation continues it becomes obvious that this innate curiosity has never left him. While Aaron might not admit to actually flying that kite, he will tell you stories of the many times he got caught disassembling a brand new toy to find out how it worked.

Perhaps it was that need to understand all things mechanical that lead him to develop some of his own ideas for unique machines and devices. The first one to capture my attention is his self-sustaining water pump. With his forty year background in the plumbing industry, Aaron has a great desire that everyone should have access to clean water. With this in mind he developed a machine that with just the addition of solar heat can pump water without interruption. We formed a not-for-profit corporation — Primal Power — and began searching for ways to fund this research.

Pursuing our passion for green technology lead us to form Maestro Conductive Heating Products as a means to further fund clean water research and help industry save energy on a variety of heating products.

Dan Bentler, Aaron’s right-hand man, has a background as an electrician on nuclear-powered submarines.  Following his stint in the Navy he earned advanced degrees in industrial hygiene and safety and has spent years teaching and advising companies concerning health and safety issues.  With this strong background in practicality, Dan is the one who nails one of our feet to the floor and makes us prove what we think is right – usually making our ideas better and always proving their viability.  Without his thorough research ethic our products would not be the useful, dependable items they are.

Stan Voynick, although an independent contractor who has his own successful company (Selmar Technologies, Inc), he joined the team when we decided to build a new controller for our Chair Mat product. His amazing analytical design abilities keep us all in awe as he spins out the electronic magic. All of this incredible ability in electronics and he still has time to build sets for his daughter’s ballet performances!

So that’s the team.  We will add real resumes in the future if you want to learn more about us.  For now, check out the rest of the site and see what we’re up to.