The Maestro Conductive Chair Mat

Get in touch with energy savings…

(Sorry! This product is temporarily out of production.)

The Maestro Conductive Chair Mat puts heat where it is needed most for a fraction of the cost of a space heater.

Employees often rely on individual space heaters to keep warm, an inefficient and dangerous practice, which significantly adds to your electric bill.

Now there’s a better way. By placing the heat directly in touch with your employee’s feet, the Maestro Conductive Chair Mat can operate on just pennies a day. The patented low voltage conductive heating element efficiently heats only what is needed.

Replace your conventional floor protection with the Maestro Conductive Chair Mat and you will experience immediate savings in operating costs and increased productivity.

Important Things to Know About the Maestro Conductive Chair Mat:

Durable ABS construction designed to outlast any other chair mat.

Individually programed using your own computer and our Custom User Interface.

Saves 94% of energy cost when compared to a space heater.

Manufactured in the USA

Mat is made of 90% recycled plastic.

10% of profits go to support clean water programs worldwide.

To buy a Maestro, go to: Where to Buy See and feel the difference Maestro can make.