Maestro Heated Footrest

Designed to replace those pesky under-desk space heaters the Maestro Heated Footrest is constructed of lightweight powder-coated aluminum over a cast Acetal base.  Operating on only about 6% of the electricity space heaters use our heated footrest puts the warmth right where it’s needed most.

 Maestro’s are programmed using our exclusive Custom User Interface located on the user’s personal computer.  And, it automatically turns the heater off when the PC goes into standby or hibernate mode.  No more crawling around under your desk looking for the on/off button of a space heater – Maestro is truly a “set and forget” heater.

 With Maestro’s heated footrest you can watch your energy bills go down while your employees’ comfort level goes up.  To learn more, see Energy Savings on this website.

The unique heating capability of a Maestro Heated Footrest is matched by its many ergonomic features.  From the full range of motion to the feather light touch of its operation – everything about this product is built to make you or your employee more comfortable than any other footrest. 

Safety is perhaps the best feature of all Maestros.  Equipped with a heating element that operates on a maximum of 12 volts DC in a fully insulated case, there is no risk of fire or shock.  

Inside every Maestro product is a mechanical high limit switch that prevents the heater from ever reaching an unsafe temperature.  Because the micro-processor that controls every product limits the surface temperature to 135 degrees, it’s always safe to touch our heater. 

Built for years of safe comfortable operation, your Maestro Conductive Heated Footrest truly is the cure for cold feet. (L21″ W15.5″ H3.5″)

To buy a Maestro, go to: Purchase See and feel the difference Maestro can make.